paint on a pallet

Hello, my name is Madelyn!

I am a Graphic Designer based out of La Crosse, Wisconsin with 2 years experience in design. I enjoy working with clients to make their project ideas beautiful and come to life. I also enjoy hanging out family, friends, and my cats. My hobbies and interests include going to the gym, journaling, and art!

My passion for design and art started at a young age. My mother is a very talented self-taught artist and thankfully she passed the artistic gene down to me. Growing up, I enjoyed art class in school and working on artwork at home. When I was in middle school I mostly enjoyed drawing, but as I entered high school I focused more on practicing my painting skills. 

The walls of my apartment and mother’s home are filled with paintings that I have created, either alone or with her. With my artwork on full display for friends and family to see, I was constantly being told to pursue a career related to art. I thought of the idea of being an art teacher or art therapist, and while both are fine careers I never felt that either were really for me. I did some research and discovered the world of graphic design and I was intrigued. I applied to a local college for my AA, took a tour of the Graphics Program on campus, and fell in love. I knew this was the path for me. 

So please, take some time to look over my website, my portfolio, and if you are interested send me a message!